März 2, 2020

Joachim Meyer

This training sword is based on the pieces illustrated in A Thorough Description of the Art of Combat published in 1570 by Joachim Meyer.

He was a cutler as well as a teacher of the sword creating this major work on swordplay, which had several printings.

He covers several different types of weapons in this work and it is often looked at as an important work dealing in the weapons of the 16th C. 

This rapier is of a simple form with a straight barrel turned cross, a single side ring and knuckle bow.

It has a bulbous pommel and matching terminators on the arms of the guard.

It is gripped with out the finger passing over the guard as can be seen in the manual illustration below.

The hilt furniture is steel. The grip is bound with strands of twisted wire. The blade is made of 6150 steel and has a rectangular cross section similar to our side sword trainer.

This sturdy blade will last for many hours of practice and sparring.

We have decided to add an option for a blade with a schilt, the flared area right in front of the guard, seen on some period training blades.

So may choose the Schilt blade upgrade option on the this sword. 

The original form of the trainer and the ability to request different blade lengths as an option when ordering are still available in the options menu.